It’s starting to taste like real lemonade. #teasers

JR Farr  |  February 18, 2021

Heyo ?

Wanted to post a quick update on our progress. The team has been teasing various updates across Twitter (follow us) and Dribbble but figured it can’t hurt to roll it up in one big update.

In short, we’re making A LOT (like a lot) of progress. In fact, we’re almost to a point where some of us on the team will start to use some of the features of Lemon Squeezy ourselves. Essentially, we want to eat our own dog food.

If you broke up Lemon Squeezy into its core features and the progress so far, it would look something like this.

  • People (customer segmentation, custom actions, etc.) — 10%
  • Storefront (products, orders, discounts, licenses, etc.) — 90%
  • Communication (email marketing, lists, campaigns, etc.) — 10%
  • Website Editor (customize your site, landing pages, templates, etc.) — 25%
  • Dashboard / Reporting / Admin / Settings — 25%

Let’s be honest though, you just came here for the teasers. ??

All good, we get it. No need to make you wait for what you came for. It should be noted though, everything I’m showing below is actually complete and working IRL.


Anywho, were’s a quick glance at how the product is shaping up.

Managing Orders

As you become more successful with your Lemon Squeezy store, the sales rack up.

Cha-ching. ?

With that said, we wanted to make sure it was as intuitive as possible to sift through all that data, data, and more data.


Lemon Squeezy Orders Table
Lemon Squeezy Orders Table
Multi-select and bulk actions
Multi-select and bulk actions

Table Filters

Subtle to some. Vital to most.

If, then, this, that, who, what, when, and everything in between. Filter anything and everything your beautiful heart desires.

Can’t you just picture yourself geeking out on this all day? I sure can.

Anyway, moving on.

Lemon Squeezy Table Filters
Lemon Squeezy Table Filters

Table Search

Not just any old search. Experience a snappy live search.

As you type, the results will update with each letter or number. Again, another subtle feature but it’ll come in handy when you need it most. As we’ve said before, we’re building this product with pure craftsmanship. No detail left behind.

I know. I can’t feel my legs either.

Lemon Squeezy Table Search.
Lemon Squeezy Table Search, Dark Mode.

Orders Panel

Side panel with all the goodies. Flow in and out of orders like a real cracked-out lunatic. Or as others like to call it, be super-efficient.

Toe-mato, Tah-mato.

Lemon Squeezy Orders Panel
Lemon Squeezy Orders Panel Dark Mode
Lemon Squeezy Orders Panel
Lemon Squeezy Orders Panel Dark Mode

License Key Panel

Double-click into the details of your digital products. Specifically, how to manage your license keys, which can normally be a real pain in the ass. Luckily, with Lemon Squeezy, we’re making it easy peasy.

Lemon Squeezy Licence Panel
Lemon Squeezy Licence Panel Dark Mode

Video – How to Add Products

Wanted to end with a real doozy for ya. Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is to add new products. If you slow it down you can pick up on some other cool features like pricing options, variant options, and more.


That’s all for now.

Like I said in the beginning, this is all code complete and working on our staging site. Soon the team will be using the product for our own products so we can start to really pressure test the system.

If there’s one thing to take away from this update it’s this.

There’s sooooooooo much more we haven’t even shown you yet.

Lemon Squeezy is about to change the game. ?