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Lemon Squeezy is on a mission to make selling digital products easy-peasy. We know first-hand the challenges of selling digital goods globally and are here to fix them.

The Founders

Lemon Squeezy is led by a close-knit founding team experienced in building and scaling digital products and platforms. We understand our customers because we are our customers.

The History
15 years of friendship

Our founders go way back. Waaaaaaaaaaaay back. Together, they’ve designed, developed, and grown products and platforms that have generated millions in revenue and gained millions of supporters.

When 2020 gave us lemons, they made lemonade — squeezing decades of experience into Lemon Squeezy. The mission is simple: make selling online easy-peasy and empower people on the road to financial freedom.

Welcome to Lemon Squeezy.

JR Farr
CDO / co-founder

Successful entrepreneur with 2 exits. Previously GM / VP at $EIGI (Constant Contact, Bluehost, HostGator, MOJO) overseeing strategy and product. Additionally, co-founded MOJO Marketplace. As CEO grew platform to 6M+ users while paying out millions to creators.

Gilbert Pellegrom
CTO / co-founder

Engineering powerhouse with decades of experience empowering companies like Dell, AOL, and eBay to create experiences for millions of people worldwide. Previously SpinupWP, Dunked, Dev7studios (Acquired). Notable projects include Nivo Slider (5M+ downloads).

Orman Clark
CDO / co-founder

World-class product designer with influence in the design space with a reach of well over 1M users across his network. Previously founded Dunked, ThemeZilla (Acquired). Notable projects include Premium Pixels (10M+ downloads).


Meet the Lemon Squeezy team

Meet the creative team on a mission to simplify selling digital products. Our team of makers and shakers come together with many decades of experience in the SaaS and creator space. Please don’t be a stranger, say hello and connect with us any time.

Ram Ratan Maurya

Software Engineer. With over a decade of experience building products on WordPress, and lately Laravel. Previously at Delicious Brains, WPEngine.

Curtis Duggan

Helping Lemon Squeezy grow by uncovering collaborative partnerships and inspiring people to be better, more brilliant remote workers or digital nomads.

Liam McKay

Designer of all sorts, with well over a decade of experience building side-projects, startups & marketplaces. Senior product designer at Lemon Squeezy.

Devin Griser

Dedicated to ensuring the customer experience is the best it can be. I am patient, resourceful, and here to help with any questions.

Natalie Welsh

Remote work advocate, with a background in sales & marketing. Always striving to promote customer satisfaction with each and every interaction.

Norbert Jurga

A seasoned full stack developer who finds joy in experimenting with various technologies and occasionally ventures into indie development in his spare time.

Samantha Dean

Developed reputation as a super efficient human. Proven leader of all aspects of business operations. Streamlining our processes & global sales tax compliance.

Timothy F
Risk + Fraud Support

Jack of all trades, master of some.  Music producer turned data geek. Love being a creator and enjoy helping creators. Patient, understanding and an insatiable learner.

Branko Čonjić

Full-stack engineer with well over a decades worth of hands-on experience. Focused on crafting pixel-perfect interfaces and innovative user-driven experiences.

Boris Lepikhin

Full-stack engineer with a passion for modern tech and a solopreneur with several exits. Focused on bringing the best user experience with Laravel and Vue.js.

Sam Ford

Sam blends a decade of operations and marketing expertise, fueling their role in merchant of record services with a strong teamwork ethos in a dynamic industry.

Petar Prodanov

Soccer player turned philosopher inspired by solving meaningful challenges. Building a happy life from first principles + making the world a better place through collaboration.


We’re expanding at a comfortable pace, so occasionally we are on the lookout for talented individuals. Stay notified about any new opportunities by following us.



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No matter the stage of your company, we stand behind our promise to provide exceptional customer support, from initial setups to massive migrations and everything in between.

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