Empower your superfans with affiliate tools

Tap in to a community of affiliates to effortlessly boost your earnings with the flick of a switch. Reward your biggest fans by allowing them to earn money promoting your goods.


Your affiliates are a powerful group of trusted partners who can help you accelerate your growth. Generate unlimited affiliate links and track every aspect of your own affiliate data all with Lemon Squeezy.


Flexible affiliate settings

Freedom to set up your affiliates your way. Control minimum payouts, cookie types, commission amounts and choose which products are involved.


Manage your ad creatives

Ensure brand consistency and better conversions across your network by keeping a gallery of ad creatives which can be used directly by your affiliates.

Effective promotions

Built-in tools to find the best promoters for your products

Target the right ambassadors to build trust around your products. Increase sales through exposure to ready-made captive audiences. Match each of your products to the right individuals or brands to promote them for you, all without having to leave our app.

Choose to auto-approve incoming affiliate partnerships, or take the time to hand pick the select individuals and brands that you want to partner with.

Revenue splitting

Timely, trackable and accurate revenue splitting

Better your own affiliate relationships through precise and fair revenue splitting. Ensure everybody in your network gets paid correctly and gather useful data on your best performers, allowing you to make better decisions around your affiliate partners.

Easy Migration

Seamlessly import affiliates from existing platforms

Bring your affiliate programs over from platforms like Gumroad and Paddle seamlessly with our easy-to-use import interface. Don’t lose a single day of continuity!

We'll have a team member on-hand to handle the migration process and ensure a smooth transition.


You’re in good company

Lemon Squeezy is the heartbeat for your business. Join thousands of successful startups, software companies, and digital creators using our platform. Become part of a growing community of innovative thinkers, makers, movers, and shakers — you're in good company here.

“Lemon Squeezy has surpassed my expectations, and I’ve made the decision to move all my chips in on this platform for the long haul. The product is beautifully designed and a joy to use.”
Michael Riddering
Michael Riddering
"Lemon Squeezy made setting up a store and selling digital products super easy and fun. No more clunky plugins to manage or taxes to worry about. Lemon Squeezy does everything I need and more."
Mike McAlister
Mike McAlister
"I'm moving the Serverless Laravel course to Lemon Squeezy and will host my new course there too. They have completely solved the Google Analytics issue by offering to disable Google Pay for my checkout"
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis
“Lemon Squeezy is exactly what I have been looking for. The license key management and recurring payments have streamlined my business, and I am looking forward to seeing the platform grow.”
“It’s so good to have a system focused on digital products, and it took me no time at all to allow customers to buy fonts straight from my website. There’s so much potential. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”
“When launching Iconic, Lemon Squeezy literally took care of everything. No need to think about taxes, VAT, license keys, etc. The setup really was easy-peasy.”
James McDonald
James McDonald

Whatever stage of your journey, we’re here to help

Our entire team manages customer support, from CTO to front-line agents. No matter the stage of your company, we stand behind our customer support being top-notch, from initial setups to massive migrations and everything in between. Invest in your business with peace of mind that we're here for you whether you need technical help or business advice.


Creator Guide

Looking for some advice on how to sell and market your digital products? Download the creator’s guide to dive deep into getting your idea off the ground.


Merchant of Record Guide

Free guide for all entrepreneurs and organizations explaining why partnering with a Merchant of Record is more important than you might realize.


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Book a demo today and get your own personal guided tour of Lemon Squeezy

Still have questions about Lemon Squeezy? Book a call with our sales team today and we’ll show exactly how we can revolutionize the way your business handles global payments and sales tax forever.


Need help?

If you’re looking to get in touch with support, talk to the founders, or just say hello, we’re all ears.

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