“..we switched from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy & our conversion rate went up 3x..”

Chad Barlowe
Head of growth @insitefulco

Gumroad is introducing higher fees, so if you are looking for a better way to deliver digital products to your customers, now is the perfect time to switch to Lemon Squeezy.


Begin your free migration + enjoy 0% fees for 30 days

Migrate from Gumroad with our help today, and enjoy 0% transaction fees for the first month. We’re on hand to make sure the migration goes smoothly.


Gumroad announced that from January 2023 they will be taking 10% of your software or digital product revenue. Ouch.

Shopping for alternatives after getting the hammer dropped on you by Gumroad? Being an independent software company ourselves, we feel your pain.

At Lemon Squeezy, our mission has always been to help SaaS companies and digital creators sell their products effortlessly around the world.

Our full payment stack is available to you for a competitive, all-inclusive fee. No funny business.

We provide all-inclusive pricing of 5% + 50¢ per transaction. We’d say that’s pretty competitive compared with Gumroad.

But that’s just the beginning. Our fees are lower, but our platform gives you much more! Explore some of the benefits of Lemon Squeezy over Gumroad below.


One of my top clients switched from @Gumroad to @lmsqueezy and their conversion rate went up over 3x:

Gumroad: 2.8%
Lemon Squeezy: 9.6%

UI definitely matters.

Chad Barlowe

I switched from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy on January 11th, 2023. Within the first 30 days of switching, my revenue increased by 44% compared to the same time period the previous year. The transition was smooth, the UI is impeccable, and the team is highly attentive to the users' needs. I haven't regretted switching for a single second.

Robert Janezic

Switching to Lemon Squeezy was a breath of fresh air. It was so easy to set up and just works better. The best part is the design is so great that my conversion rate is already up!

Jordan Hughes
Untitled UI

Why settle for Gumroad when you can Squeeze more sales with @lmsqueezy? The platform is perfect for selling your #Notiontemplates and reaching more customers.


Just made the switch to @lmsqueezy and am enjoying the interface so far!


I'm in the process of moving my Gumroad products to @lmsqueezy. I love their UI and they support a lot of payment methods & payout options.

˗ˏˋ vyshnav ˊˎ˗

I make over $110,000/mo selling Notion templates on Lemon Squeezy - one for content creators, and one for folks who want to use Notion as a second brain. As a high-volume seller, I didn't choose Lemon Squeezy lightly. I compared over 40 tools beforehand.

TLDR - Lemon Squeezy is the best option for creators. No other tool combines hands-off sales tax compliance with the same feature set.

Thomas Frank

No better platform than @lmsqueezy, everything is a beauty about it 🤌done with the gumroad months ago.

Ayda ✣

I am thoroughly impressed with the speed at which Lemon Squeezy's team is working on introducing new features. The team's dedication to actively listening and responding to customer feedback is remarkable. ✨

Yogesh Gosavi

🍋 LemonSqueezy is a dream! I have been a fan from day one. As a creator who migrated from Gumroad, the experience of selling my digital products on their platform makes the buying process feel world class. Everything from the storefront, the admin panel, to their top tier support has won me over for life.

Cory Shoaf

Gumroad's UI: neo brutalism style, no depth, in-accessible and doesn't look like anything a normal user would encounter.

Lemon Squeezy's UI: Simple and minimalist style that feels familiar to other checkout pages. Clean typography. One gets design awards, other gets conversions.

Yash Bhardwaj

Lemon Squeezy makes selling online easy. Nice design, useful features, merchant of record, and comparable lower fees. What else could you really need? Love it.🍋

Modest Mitkus

The first goal of 2023 is complete ✅Moved @LogoCereal away from Gumroad and moved to @lmsqueezy 🍋

Jacob Ham

I love Lemon Squeezy, is super easy to use with top notch features. My favourites are the affiliates and the lovely checkout that converts like magic. Finally I was able to ditch Gumroad for good.

Michael Andreuzza

We’ve just set up our shop but already in love with the UI !

Notion Limited Design

Safe to say that migrating to 🍋 @lmsqueezy was a good decision

Conversion % is up ⤴️
✅ Costs are down ⬇️

The savings so far (1 week) are enough to pay for my coworking space in Taipei 😅


💰 First paid day at Lemon SqueezyFebruary 1st to 14th is the first paid day, and the revenue reached one-third of the month. Migrating from @gumroad to @lmsqueezy has improved the conversion rate and increased revenue by 28%.

Robert Shaw

Lemon Squeezy made the entire tax system a breeze. Instead of spending tons of hours of taxes, Lemon Squeezy is doing the heavy lifting. Easy to integrate, amazing documentation, ready to sell in minutes. Abandoned carts is such an underrated feature, you helped me re-gain customers which otherwise I would have lost.

Catalin Miron

For me, @lmsqueezy looks and behaves like what I’d expect stripe would do if they had whole ”tax crap” figured out.

Tobias Talltorp

Then I discovered @lmsqueezy – a cheaper (and prettier) option than Gumroad.

Will | The Productive Dad

We transferred all MakerBox products to @lmsqueezy. Results so far - higher conversion rate 📈

Sveta Bay

After 3 years I'm moving from @gumroad to @lmsqueezy and I tell you LemonSqueezy is far more superior a platform.

Biyi Adetunji

@lmsqueezy is my default choice when creating a new product right now. MoR and very easy to use ✨

Luca Restagno
LemonSqueezy VS Gumroad

Lemon Squeezy vs Gumroad — Here are a few reasons why now might be the time to switch from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy


Lemon Squeezy
has lower fees
than Gumroad

Lemon Squeezy only charges a 5% + 50¢ fee per transaction, compared to 10% + payment processing fees (~3% + 30¢) at Gumroad. This means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money.


We support more payout options
than Gumroad

With Lemon Squeezy, you can receive payouts in several ways. Choose between PayPal, Stripe, and many other direct deposit methods.


Switch to a clean checkout design that converts

Our platform is designed with the user in mind. With a sleek and intuitive interface, we make it easier for you to upload, manage, and sell your digital products.


Built-in email marketing tools at friendly prices

Easily send newsletters and promotional emails to your customers and tap into our affiliate network to help grow your business and increase sales.


API sweetness — easy to read documentation

Our API is well-documented and easy-peasy to read and implement (seriously), allowing you to integrate Lemon Squeezy into your own platform or workflow.


We’ll migrate your store over from Gumroad for free

If you're already using Gumroad and want to switch to Lemon Squeezy, we'll help you make the transition for free. We have a proprietary migration that makes this easy-peasy. Our team is on hand to ensure you move over smoothly in as little time as possible.


We support
more countries than Gumroad

Lemon Squeezy supports more countries than Gumroad, so you can confidently sell your digital products and subscription software to the widest possible global audience, and we’ll handle compliance.


Take advantage
of more payment method options

We accept a wider range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, WeChat Pay, many ACH methods, and more, to help increase your conversion rate.


Lemon Squeezy is about more than
digital downloads

Lemon Squeezy is great for more than just digital downloads. Our platform works well for selling subscription-based products. You can build your SaaS model on Lemon Squeezy and scale up.


Partner with affiliates to earn even more sales

Use our inbuilt affiliate functionality and advertise your program in the Lemon Squeezy Affiliate Hub. Easily find partners to help market your products and increase sales. Gumroad doesn't offer this feature. Switch to a platform that understands seller needs.


Lemon Squeezy vs Gumroad — How Lemon Squeezy offers a more full-featured payments stack, and how it compares to Gumroad's latest offering...

5% + 50¢

Lemon Squeezy only charges a 5% + 50¢ fee per transaction, meaning you get to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Global tax collection
Global tax remittance
Abandoned cart recovery
Failed payment recovery
SaaS company support
Increased conversion rate
Lower transaction fees

~13% + 30¢

Gumroad charges a 10% fee per transaction plus payment processing fees (~3% + 30¢) meaning you lose more of your hard-earned money.

Angela Hollowell

I liked how the user experience was good for me as the creator but also good for customers/buyers. It's a really clean interface and they're building a product that I think will grow with my business. Their roadmap is looking incredible.


I want to publicly thank the Lemonsqueezy team for all the private help with the transition. To existing customers on Gumroad: Nothing has changed now and you will not lose any of your purchases


Lemon Squeezy vs Gumroad — Why choose Lemon Squeezy?

Switch today to cut your 10% Gumroad fee in half.

Get in touch for a free migration from Gumroad. Plus, enjoy 0% transaction fees for the first 30 days. That’s right — if you migrate from Gumroad today, we will waive all transaction fees for 30 days.

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You can also be one of the first companies to take advantage of our inbuilt affiliate features, and find partners in the Lemon Squeezy Affiliate Hub.

Our migration experts are ready to help you every step of the way. Just fill out the Migration form -> once you are ready, we’ll be looking out for you in our inbox.

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migration OFFER

0% transaction fees for the first 30 days

That’s right. We’ll waive all our fees for anyone migrating from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy. Enjoy an entire month of no fees on us, plus we'll migrate your existing Gumroad store to Lemon Squeezy for free.

We’re giving away $250,000 in credits. Enjoy 0% transaction fees on all sales until the end of January!

No tricks. No gimmicks. 0% fees on all sales, invoices and payments until the end of 2022.

In our biggest release to date, we’ve added a bunch of powerful SaaS tools for no additional cost. To celebrate, we’re giving away $250,000 in credits.*

Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

  • A fresh coat of paint on our website
  • All-new SaaS-focused features
  • New customizable dashboard
  • Expanded API + documentation

And for the rest of January...

  • 0% transaction fees (Woohoo!)

Turn off transaction fees for the next month by clicking the button below.

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