Maximize your revenue with powerful subscription billing plans

With Lemon Squeezy you can offer subscription billing plans that meet your customers where they are. Generate and grow your customers revenue across the entire customer journey.


Never worry about subscription management again. Let the world’s most intuitive payments platform handle it all for you. Payments, compliance, fraud, tax, and more

Subscriber growth

Grow subscriber revenue across the entire life cycle. Accepting your first payment or free trial with zero friction is just the beginning

Maximize LTV

Control your subscriptions

Payment infrastructure will never stand in the way of maximum LTV — make use of discounted trial periods, API and usage-based-metered billing, subscription pausing and restarting, and flexible subscription logic.

Upgrade? Downgrade? Add seats, Add credits? Our platform makes it easy-peasy to manage subscriptions.


Optimize your renewals to recover lost revenue

renewal time is easy-peasy for everyone involved when email marketing and global payments work together. Lemon Squeezy's renewal reminders help you recover lost revenue from abandoned carts.

From abandoned cart emails, to proactive credit card checks, we put optimized renewals on autopilot for you. Eliminate preventable churn like magic.


Create your customers' perfect buying experience

Launch your secure ecommerce website and start selling software, subscriptions and digital downloads anywhere in minutes. Utilize no-code checkout links without worrying about design, mobile optimization, or payment integrations. It really is easy-peasy.


Understand your business and customers with reports

Running a software company requires its own unique set of insights — free trial conversion rates, MRR, churn rate, and more. Get to know your customers so you can understand your business needs, up your marketing and take your business to new heights.

Paypal Subscriptions

Unlock the power of PayPal subscriptions

PayPal is one of the most trusted and widely used payment gateways globally. Lemon Squeezy merchants can harness its power for managing subscriptions alongside our other payment methods.

Add the option of recurring subscriptions via PayPal without any complicated setup or installation. Learn more about our PayPal subscriptions feature.

Sell in any way

Flexible pricing + billing options

Customize your pricing structure with yearly or monthly subscriptions, one-time charges, discounts and Kick off free trials as easily as you manage 1,000-person metered enterprise plans. Retain full control over your product pricing and decide how often to charge customers for your product.

Sell any digital product, any way you want. From SaaS subscriptions, software licenses, online courses, design assets, themes, templates, video content, fonts and more.

Do it all

Win over CEOs, CTOs, compliance, VCs, and customers with reliability and flexibility.

Ensure that scaling your payments infrastructure and global tax compliance doesn't become a blocker.

Spend more time focusing on your pricing strategy, up-sell and cross-sell tactics, or your go-to-market innovation and zero time worrying about global tax compliance and scaling up payment systems.

Add reliability and flexibility to your subscriptions that CEOs, CTOs, compliance officers and VCs will love just as much as your customers do.

If you can dream it and ship it, you can scale it with Lemon Squeezy’s subscription payments platform.

Turn “We’ll have to have an engineering sync about this” into “Yes, absolutely!” with the simple flip of a switch.


Deliver personalized communication flows that feel just like magic.

Experience the power of subscription data that works seamlessly with email marketing within the same powerful and easy platform. Customers don’t just want individualized communications — they expect it.

Rewrite the playbook on spray-and-pray mass email communications — speak directly to your power users differently than your free trial users.


You’re in good company

Lemon Squeezy is the heartbeat for your business. Join thousands of successful startups, software companies, and digital creators using our platform.

Become part of a growing community of innovative thinkers, makers, movers, and shakers.

“It’s so good to have a system focused on digital products, and it took me no time at all to allow customers to buy fonts straight from my website. There’s so much potential. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”
"Imagine having a team of designers, developers, email marketers, and tax accountants behind you. That’s how Lemon Squeezy feels, letting you focus on creating your digital products."
Shahadat Rahman
Shahadat Rahman
"I'm moving the Serverless Laravel course to Lemon Squeezy and will host my new course there too. They have completely solved the Google Analytics issue by offering to disable Google Pay for my checkout"
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis
"Lemon Squeezy had the perfect combination of features for selling my first software product. It’s been so easy to set up, and customer support has been amazing."
Ross Wintle
Ross Wintle
"I’ve never come across a platform that has made it SO easy-peasy to start selling. Lemon Squeezy is full of beautiful surprises, and it’s a genuine joy to use!"
Rachel Shillcock
Rachel Shillcock
“Lemon Squeezy is exactly what I have been looking for. The license key management and recurring payments have streamlined my business, and I am looking forward to seeing the platform grow.”

Whatever stage of your journey, we’re here to help

No matter the stage of your company, we stand behind our promise to provide exceptional customer support, from initial setups to massive migrations and everything in between.

Invest in your business with peace of mind that we're here for you whether you need technical help or business advice.


Creator Guide

Looking for some advice on how to sell and market your digital products? Download the creator’s guide to dive deep into getting your idea off the ground.


Merchant of Record Guide

Free guide for all entrepreneurs and organizations explaining why partnering with a Merchant of Record is more important than you might realize.


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