Discount codes for a feel-good checkout

Lemon Squeezy gives you powerful control over your store discounts. Create, distribute & track discount codes that are unique to your store. Give your customers more reasons to buy your digital products and reward them for their loyalty.

Discounts + Coupon codes

Customers abandon carts when they think they can get a better deal somewhere else. Convert those on-the-fence prospects by sweetening the deal with discounts and coupon codes.

Manage discounts

A simple, no-code dashboard to manage discounts.

All merchants have the ability to manage discounts in their store without any coding. Our simple and intuitive interface allows admins to create, modify, and manage discounts without any technical knowledge. Save time and encourage sales on your products with ease.

Welcome to the easy-peasy way to create and manage coupons across your entire store.


Control every setting

Set up discounts to work exactly as you want. Plus our discount codes dashboard gives you the full overview of your discounts, alongside usage stats and analytics.


Schedule discounts

Take control of exactly when your discount codes are active. Adjust on-the-fly or set up scheduled campaigns around your discounts ahead of time.

Manage your own coupons with our easy-peasy API.

Easy-peasy JS frameworks for a drag-and-drop front-end implementation. Here’s how easy it to start using JS frameworks to implement Lemon Squeezy.

Deploy the checkout overlay by embedding our checkout.js Javascript file in your HTML.

When the script is loaded, it automatically initializes itself to listen for your .lemonsqueezy-button clicks.

Use the checkout overlay with modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, and others with minimal additional implementation.

Learn more about implementing discounts & coupons, or explore more topics in our developer guides.


You’re in good company

Lemon Squeezy is the heartbeat for your business. Join thousands of successful startups, software companies, and digital creators using our platform.

Become part of a growing community of innovative thinkers, makers, movers, and shakers.

"I'm moving the Serverless Laravel course to Lemon Squeezy and will host my new course there too. They have completely solved the Google Analytics issue by offering to disable Google Pay for my checkout"
Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis
"Imagine having a team of designers, developers, email marketers, and tax accountants behind you. That’s how Lemon Squeezy feels, letting you focus on creating your digital products."
Shahadat Rahman
Shahadat Rahman
“It’s refreshing to see Lemon Squeezy focusing solely on digital products. Giving you all the necessary tools you’ll need to start selling your products and subscriptions quickly and easily.”
Ian Barnard
Ian Barnard
"Lemon Squeezy had the perfect combination of features for selling my first software product. It’s been so easy to set up, and customer support has been amazing."
Ross Wintle
Ross Wintle
"I’ve never come across a platform that has made it SO easy-peasy to start selling. Lemon Squeezy is full of beautiful surprises, and it’s a genuine joy to use!"
Rachel Shillcock
Rachel Shillcock
“Lemon Squeezy is exactly what I have been looking for. The license key management and recurring payments have streamlined my business, and I am looking forward to seeing the platform grow.”

Whatever stage of your journey, we’re here to help

No matter the stage of your company, we stand behind our promise to provide exceptional customer support, from initial setups to massive migrations and everything in between.

Invest in your business with peace of mind that we're here for you whether you need technical help or business advice.


Creator Guide

Looking for some advice on how to sell and market your digital products? Download the creator’s guide to dive deep into getting your idea off the ground.


Merchant of Record Guide

Free guide for all entrepreneurs and organizations explaining why partnering with a Merchant of Record is more important than you might realize.


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