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Lemon Drops

Easy Peasy. Lemon Squeezy.

JR Farr



JR Farr


January 26, 2021


Lemon Drops

2020 gave us lemons.

We said f_ck it.

We’re taking them, and squeezing the sh_t out of them.

We’re making lemonade.

It ain’t no basic lemonade either.

For most, 2021 couldn’t have come sooner. There’s something about that fresh new start feeling.

Being fans of that feeling ourselves, we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to start something new.

Meet Lemon Squeezy.

In the last week, we teased what we consider our best creation yet.

If you missed it, allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Lemon Squeezy is the name, easy-peasy e-commerce is the game.

In the first 24 hours, more than 2000 creators reserved their space and we’ve been encouraged, and to be honest, a little overwhelmed by your positive words.

Thank you. 🙏

What is Lemon Squeezy?

Despite being 2021, it’s still not all that simple to sell digital products online. There’s a lot that goes into building a storefront for your business. In fact, it typically takes 5-6 different tools to get the job done.

Furthermore, after all the setup, designing and building a site, setting up your products, getting your email opt-in’s ready, blah blah blah… you still have to find a way to actually attract customers.

It’s a bit broken.

Fear not, we’re fixing it.

In short, Lemon Squeezy is a dedicated platform for selling digital products.

The easy-peasy way to sell digital products online.

We make that distinction because while companies like Shopify have paved the way for physical products, digital products are a different animal.

Tech support, taxes, licensing, invoicing, product presentation… selling digital products certainly has its quirks.

You can certainly find success with digital sales right now, but it requires a litany of tools, wasted time, and unnecessary costs because no tool does it all.

Until now.

Create your own Lemonade Stand

A slice of what you’ll be able to do with Lemon Squeezy —

  • Build a beautiful site with our website builder (from one of our templates or from scratch)
  • Create landing pages for your products
  • Create coming soon pages with email opt-ins
  • Create product pages
  • Create shareable “buy now” links without the need for a site
  • Manage email lists and subscribers (or integrate with your favorite provider)
  • Send email campaigns
  • Send automated email sequences
  • Manage 1 or 100’s of products
  • Manage license keys
  • Manage orders and refunds
  • Manage, track, and pay affiliates
  • Process payments (we’ve got you covered)
  • Forget tax headaches (again, we’ve got you covered)
  • List your products in the Lemon Squeezy Marketplace
  • Build your own templates and extensions
  • Use our Public API
  • And a whole lot more.

Lemon Squeezy will take care of everything so you can focus on creating.

For V1, our focus will be on digital downloads. Once that’s nailed, we’ll begin to work on other types of digital products like memberships, online courses, subscriptions, newsletters, and more.

Why are we building it?

We’re scratching our own itch.

Lemon Squeezy is a combination of the years of work, successes, failures, and experiences we’ve all had separately. For the past decade, our individual specialties have been in building digital lemonade stands.

This is something we’d use ourselves, and fully intend to.

We (myself, Orman, Jason, and Gilbert) have built, grown, and sold several successful companies in this space. Some duds, some used by millions, and some sold for zillions.

We’re taking all of those learnings and squeeeeeeeezing them into one amazing platform. And we believe that all the blood, sweat, tears, cuts, bruises, and concussions we’ve suffered from doing this for so long, qualifies us to do so.

Check this out…

Let’s briefly breakdown the simple task of downloading a digital product (e.g. templates, graphics, fonts, ebooks, etc). These types of products can be easily abused, perhaps downloaded for free, or even redistributed.

Luckily we’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

  • Download links are signed so they can’t be guessed or brute-forced. This also means the download URLs can’t be shared directly. They must come from LemonSqueezy to have the correct signature.
  • Download links redirect to our file hosting provider for the actual file. These URLs are also signed and expire after 5 mins. Again, this prevents sharing the direct file URL.
  • Download links are throttled to 10 downloads a day. That way, even if someone shared a signed download link, it could only be downloaded 10 times in a day to avoid abuse.

Just simple download links right?

Hopefully, you can see just how important all of this is to us.

We care about every inch of this platform.

Why is it different?

Let us count the ways.

1. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Lemon Squeezy’s strength lies in providing you with everything you need to sell online. But you’re never locked in, and you can pick and choose how you use it — that’s the beauty.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, whether you have a website or not, whether you want to sell 1 product or 100. You can do it all with Lemon Squeezy.

Let me explain.

I just want to sell a product but I don’t have a site.

Perfect. You can add your product, copy a share link, and it send to your customer(s) by tweet, email, text, or whatever method tickles your fancy. Potential customers will go to a hosted checkout page to purchase your product or service. Easy peasy.

My product isn’t ready yet but I need a coming soon page to build an email list before I launch.

Awesome. Using our website builder, you can build your coming soon page. Start from scratch or use one of our templates. Launch on your new domain and start gathering emails. Again, all accessible and managed inside Lemon Squeezy.

I already have a site (WordPress, Webflow, whatever) but I want to sell my new widget.

Coolio. Simply point a sub-domain or sub-directory (e.g. shop, ebook, course, widget) to Lemon Squeezy. Add your product(s), build your page, and launch. Keep track of it all inside Lemon Squeezy.

I need the whole kit and caboodle. Domain, hosting, site, coming soon page, landing pages, email marketing, affiliate tracking, license management, etc.

Word. Lemon Squeezy does it all together beautifully.

You get the point.

2. All in one place.

An all-in-one toolkit.

You’ve heard of those before but rarely are they done right.

It’s harder than you think to tie the flashier pieces like website building, email marketing, and domains, to the essential functional pieces like tax handling, VAT collection, payment processing, and fraud prevention.

But we’re onto something.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy is more than a name.

It’s the entire ideology behind our service.

It just works.

It’s done for you.

It’s auto-magic.

3. This isn’t our first rodeo.

We’re humble, yet confident when we say we know this space. Been there, done that. Multiple times over.

Our founding team has a wonderful blend of design, development, product, and marketing experience, each of us bringing a unique perspective.

The point is, we’re confident we have the skills to actually pull this thing off.

When will it be ready?

If we had it our way, we would launch yester-year but building something high-quality takes time.

We’re building this product old-school. Pure craftsmanship. No detail, feature, or pixel left unconsidered.

The best we can say is we’re shooting to launch in Q2 of 2021. We’re building as fast as humanly possible. It doesn’t hurt that we finally got Gilbert going full-time on this too. ?

Wtf is Wtf?

Lemon Squeezy is a thing-a-ma-jig by

It’s our collective. Our Wu-Tang. Our Voltron. Our Avengers.

If you head over to our site, you can learn more about the team, the products we’re building and subscribe to our email list to keep up-to-date.

We plan to release more products under the Make Lemonade umbrella, but for now, our focus is on getting Lemon Squeezy launched into the universe.

Did we miss anything?

In case you didn’t notice, we couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Lemon Squeezy. We think you’re going to love what we’re building and we’re excited to involve you as much as possible along the way.

We’re always open to feedback from our fellow makers as we begin our journey to becoming the leading digital e-commerce platform.

Got questions? → @lmsqueezy

🍋 Now back to squeezing lemons. 🍋


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