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Lemon Drops

🍋 Lemon Drop #08: New SaaS features, API expansion, and a fresh website

JR Farr



JR Farr


October 26, 2022


Lemon Drops
We just announced our new pricing update — read all about it →

Everything you have come to love about Lemon Squeezy just got even better.

To celebrate, we’re giving away $250,000 in credits.

Yup, you read that right — $250k

For the rest of 2022, all new merchant accounts can activate 0% transaction fees on all payments*.

If you're new here, Lemon Squeezy is an all-in-one payments, tax, compliance, and merchant or record solution for digital products.

Plus, we have some exciting news if you're a SaaS business. In our biggest release to date, we’ve just launched a suite of powerful SaaS tools for no additional cost:

  • End-to-end subscription management
  • Failed payment recovery
  • Custom checkout links
  • Subscription API
  • Developer SDK

All of these new features work perfectly with all our existing features:

  • Accepting global payments across 130+ countries
  • Sell any digital product you can dream of
  • Tax compliance + remittance is done for you
  • No-code checkout links
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Let’s break down the new features.

New website

First, we're excited to unveil the brand-new Lemon Squeezy website. Sure, it's not necessarily a new feature, but being a platform that provides payments & tax compliance for all types of digital businesses across the globe, this is serious business. We will always continue to invest in the trustworthy brand we've built. For us, having merchants' trust is paramount.

On top of that, as the product has evolved over the years, it was important to us to align the site with how far the product has come. As we continued making our way through our roadmap, we wanted a website we could grow into for years.

Customizable dashboard

There’s nothing more frustrating than cloudy metrics.

In the latest Lemon Drop, we fully refreshed your store's dashboard. You can now view your dashboard in your own unique way. You can configure 17 different types of charts to make it easy to access your most important metrics.

Also included in the new dashboard refresh is the is a new notifications system and a responsive design for mobile support.

Custom checkout links

A unique feature of this release is the ability to create custom checkout links. Leveraging the new Checkout API endpoint, you can customize the checkout experience for a specific variant/product without creating a new product in the dashboard. From product details, price, redirect URL, button color, expiration, and more.

Honestly, the customization is limitless. The best part is you can do it all through the Lemon Squeezy API.

This functionality opens up loads of powerful checkout possibilities. For example, imagine you want to offer existing customers a custom, single-use discount for a product based on their previous purchases without manually generating and handing out discount codes. Now, you can send a request to our checkout API with the custom price to generate a unique, secure checkout URL which you can send to each customer.

Subscription management (API)

As a SaaS business, having complete control over your subscription is critical. Accepting your customer's first payment or free trial signup — with zero friction — is just the beginning.

Drive revenue, customer loyalty and repeat purchases with flexible recurring billing plans and reduce subscriber churn.

With discounted trial periods, subscription pausing and restarting, and flexible subscription logic, our payment infrastructure will never stand in the way of maximizing your customer's LTV. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Lemon Squeezy's new subscription API:

  • Upgrade, downgrade and switch plans
  • Pause, cancel and resume subscription payments
  • Change a billing cycle anchor
  • Generate a secure link to update a subscription payment method

Explore the update subscription API docs.

Dunning management

Why pay more for failed payment recovery from other providers when you can do it for free using Lemon Squeezy?

Stop losing subscribers for avoidable reasons. When payment processing, transactional emails, and email marketing are all working together, that's dunning done right. Many subscribers who churned still wanted to buy your product. You're leaving money on the table for no reason and burning precious advertising dollars.

Optimize your strategy and prevent involuntary churn before it happens with Lemon Squeezy's new failed payment recovery features. By default, you can choose to enable/disable dunning management. Once enabled, our platform provides default customer emails, subject lines, content, and custom delivery schedule to provide you with the most optimal dunning process for failed payment recovery.

Here are some failed payment recovery examples:

  • Pre-notification email of expiring payment method
  • Automatic retry of payment method
  • Update failed payment methods
  • Product-specific abandoned cart emails
  • Downgrade and promotional offers when cancelling

The best part about our new dunning management is your ability to control the entire experience end-to-end.

Explore the new recovery features in your account now.

Update payment details

Acquiring a new customer is the best feeling for a business, but the reality is every company loses customers. The good news is if you put the right tools together, you can avoid creating too big of a leaky bucket.

When it comes to involuntary churn (e.g. failed payments), we recently added dunning management features to help you combat this problem. Part of the work in creating our new dunning features was the need for hosted forms for updating payment details. The beauty of using our hosted payment method update form is the user is not required to log in to update their payment details. Making the process completely frictionless and more likely to capture updated payment details.

Leverage our new hosted payment page for customers updating their payment method and start recovering failed payments faster.

Developer docs + API + SDK

Integrate with Lemon Squeezy in minutes, not months.

Explore extensive documentation detailing our flexible API & webhooks. A complete REST API with predictable URLs and valid responses uses standard codes, authentication, and verbs. Plus, webhooks for asynchronous events. Voilà.

We invest our time into fully abstracting our API so your team can focus on building a cohesive system.

Lemon.js is an entirely new SDK that replaces our old "checkout.js" embeddable script. It now powers our existing checkout functionality and our new payment details update overlay. It allows a developer to programmatically handle overlay events, open checkouts and payment details update links.

And soon, we'll also be implementing localized pricing and other functionality, which will give a developer the ability to integrate tightly with Lemon Squeezy on their frontend.

Global notifications

Last but certainly not least is our new global notifications panel. Stay up to date with the latest happenings with your store. In addition to our refreshed dashboard — you have quick access to a stream of notifications. Get real-time alerts about your store, customers, email subscribers, and more.

Again, this is all included at no extra cost

Take a moment to explore the new website, create your new store, and give these revenue-boosting tools a test drive with this one-time offer:

0% transaction fees for the next 60 days*.

No tricks. No gimmicks. 0% fees on any sales, invoices and payments you receive.

Activate 0% transaction fees

*Discount offer will be applied to payments processed via new Lemon Squeezy merchant accounts. Existing stores do not qualify for this offer. Limit of $10,000 of payment volume per store.

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We’re giving away $250,000 in credits. Enjoy 0% transaction fees on all sales until the end of January!

No tricks. No gimmicks. 0% fees on all sales, invoices and payments until the end of 2022.

In our biggest release to date, we’ve added a bunch of powerful SaaS tools for no additional cost. To celebrate, we’re giving away $250,000 in credits.*

Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

  • A fresh coat of paint on our website
  • All-new SaaS-focused features
  • New customizable dashboard
  • Expanded API + documentation

And for the rest of January...

  • 0% transaction fees (Woohoo!)

Turn off transaction fees for the next month by clicking the button below.

*Offer applies to new merchants Learn more →