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✨ Introducing the Lemon Squeezy affiliate platform

JR Farr



JR Farr


March 29, 2023


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It's official. The all-new affiliates platform by Lemon Squeezy is now available to all merchants.

Since the beginning of 2023, the team has been hard at work at releasing frequent updates to the platform. It’s been a whirlwind of a Q1 as thousands of merchants have signed up for our platform since the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve three months ago.

One of the features that creators and customers have been asking for over and over (and over) again is support for affiliate marketing.

Here are just a few messages we have received requesting support for a built-in affiliates program.

Affiliate requests on twitter

Offering a built-in affiliate platform provides merchants with the ability to grow their revenue instantly.

By providing trusted affiliate partners with custom links and tracked referrals to promote a product, brands can help drive customers to their products and reward the people who help them do so.

It has been our #1 priority, in kicking off 2023, to design and build a world-class affiliates program for Lemon Squeezy merchants.

With all that being said, we're thrilled to announce that our new Affiliates platform is now available, which we're incredibly proud of.

Let’s dive in deeper!

Introducing Affiliates by Lemon Squeezy

What does our affiliate feature encompass?

In short, the new affiliate platform offers merchants:

  • Customizable commission rates + payouts
  • Automatic payouts by Lemon Squeezy
  • Access to our global affiliate network
  • Manage affiliates, clicks + referrals
  • Affiliate analytics

Plus, a whole lot more 🍋

Managing affiliates is easy-peasy

We've put a lot of thought into what merchants want in an affiliate program for digital goods and subscriptions. It's not just about creating links and assets — that's important — but also about managing, building and curating business relationships with the people who are out there working hard to market and sell your product.

We've thought through all aspects of the experience of onboarding affiliates and removed many of the hassles of vetting, approving and setting up new affiliates. We know that a good onboarding experience can mean all the difference.

For merchants, setting up an affiliate program is as easy as changing a setting, providing some initial information and parameters and hitting "Let's Go!".

For affiliates, the application process to submit a request to the Affiliate Hub and start selling can be completed in minutes.

A super-simple affiliate onboarding experience

Your affiliates will love how easy it is to launch with you, get the links and creative assets they need, and start marketing and selling on your behalf. Your affiliates will experience the larger affiliate hub where they can manage their links, clicks, referrals, payouts, etc.

Our onboarding workflow makes it extremely simple for affiliates to sign up and start.

You will be able to manage, approve, and determine the right affiliate sellers and marketers for your platform and curate your list of approved partners based on the information they provide.

Save time on back-and-forth and streamline your affiliate relationships so you can focus on empowering them to sell your digital products!

Access a global affiliate network

One of the biggest advantages of leveraging the Lemon Squeezy affiliate platform is — distribution.

If you ever run an affiliate program you know how hard it is to recruit new affiliates to promote your product.

As a merchant, you have the option to enable your affiliate program in the Lemon Squeezy affiliate hub. In an instant, your program is in front of thousands of affiliates looking for affiliate programs to promote.

See the story in the data with beautiful affiliate analytics

You can't manage what you can't measure. So we're ensuring you can measure and manage your affiliate revenue growth with a beautiful analytics dashboard.

With Lemon Squeezy's analytics, built directly into our broader payments and compliance platform, you can track all key performance indicators in one place.

Clicks, referrals, payouts — it's all here. Determine what's working well and double down. See what needs improvement and make adjustments. You can do it all in one fully-integrated dashboard experience.

Delightful creative asset management

Managing creative assets is easy with Lemon Squeezy’s creative asset management view. Create as many variants as you need with unique URLs and distribute these assets to your affiliates automatically through the portal.

Embed code, set destination links, and manage the finer details of each visual asset you make available to your affiliates. Create banners and interstitials, or even share text-only copy ads that can be embedded in niche content sites, social media, or videos.

Easy-to-understand documentation

We've also ensured that the affiliates feature is easy to use and has extensive documentation. You can find everything you need to know within our affiliate docs (for merchants) —where we've compiled various resources to help you get started.

From tutorials to best practices, we ensure you have all the necessary information to maximise this new built-in feature.

We’ve put a lot of focus into building world-class documentation for the Lemon Squeezy platform, and we've maintained that thoughtful approach in documenting our affiliate program.

Handle everything you need within one platform

Our robust affiliates feature can support SaaS companies that rely on affiliate sales to grow their revenue. We've designed the program to be flexible and work seamlessly with various business models. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation, our affiliates program is the perfect way to expand your reach and increase your revenue.

🍋 Approving and curating affiliate partners

One of the key features we're proud of is how easily merchants can approve and curate their affiliate partners. From your Lemon Squeezy dashboard, you can quickly review affiliate applications and approve them with the click of a button. Alternatively, you can set up automatic signups to watch your affiliate partners roll in, further streamlining the process.

🍋 Seamless creative asset sharing

We understand the importance of providing your affiliates with the right creative assets to promote your products effectively. That's why we've made it incredibly simple to attach your preferred creative assets, like banner ads, interstitials, or text-only copy, to your affiliate program. With just one tap, these assets become available directly within your marketing partners' dashboard, ensuring they can easily access and use them in their promotional efforts.

🍋 Finely tune commissions and payouts

Easily set commission rates for your affiliates, whether you prefer a flat or percentage-based model. You can customize payout thresholds and frequencies, ensuring a seamless and transparent payment process that keeps your affiliates motivated and engaged.

🍋 Monitor and optimize performance

Lemon Squeezy's granular settings extend to performance monitoring, allowing you to track the success of individual affiliates, campaigns, and promotional channels. By having access to detailed analytics, you can identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately drive better results for your business.

Take the affiliates platform for a spin

As you get started with the affiliates platform, please be aware of the pricing:

Lemon Squeezy will charge sellers a small 2% fee for each order referred by an affiliate, which will be added to the normal platform fee.

For the affiliates themselves, a small 1% fee will be taken from each referral, which will be deducted from payouts to affiliates.

We're excited about our new affiliate feature and believe it will be a valuable addition to your business. We invite long-time Lemon Squeezy merchants and those new to our platform to explore and take advantage of the integrated affiliates program. Try it out today and see how it can boost revenue growth while making life easier for you and your affiliate partners.


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