A sneak peek of email marketing with Lemon Squeezy

JR Farr  |  April 27, 2022

We’re a week away from releasing our most requested feature — Email Marketing!

Equipped with new email marketing capabilities, you’ll have the power of your online store and the ability to communicate directly with your audience.

All from one single place.


But what is email marketing these days?

  • Marketing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Newsletters
  • Drip sequences
  • and more

It’s safe to say email marketing means a lot of things

Most existing email providers can send thousands of emails to your audience but do they know who any of these people are?

  • Are they just subscribers to your newsletter?
  • Have they purchased a product?
  • Are they repeat buyers?
  • When?
  • Yesterday? Last month? Last Year?
  • Are they a VIP customer?

Today’s solutions all lack one thing


That’s where Lemon Squeezy’s Email Marketing feature is different.

Send emails like you know your customers — because you do

With the power of your existing Lemon Squeezy e-commerce store + email marketing all under one roof, the possibilities are endless.

Get a birds-eye view of your entire audience. From auto-segmentation, filtering, and an individual timeline of every customer.

All wrapped up in a sweet, juicy glass of email goodness.

Don’t let the simplistic design of Lemon Squeezy fool you. The power and control you gain over your audience is next level.

By marrying together your transaction data and email sending you can look like a professional e-commerce store without the hassle of connecting all the dots on your own.

As you build your email list (or import), Lemon Squeezy will automatically segment your customers.

What about designing, writing, and sending emails?

Simple. Intuitive. And all the control is in your hands. It’s what you’ve come to expect. It’s easy peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

Sending email is free to get started

With the release of email marketing, you can start sending emails for free (up to your first 500 subscribers). From there, you’ll select a monthly plan to continue to send to your growing email list.

In next week’s launch, we will be offering introductory pricing for early customers. Giving the earliest users the benefit of locking in our lowest-priced offer. The initial version of email marketing is only inclusive of broadcasts. Other features in the Lemon Squeezy roadmap (email templates and drip sequences) will follow soon after launch.

Every store that enables the email marketing feature will have to submit their details regarding their email lists and the type of emails they’ll be sending. Every account will go through a 24-48 hour approval process.

Wrapping up with more UI goodness to hold you over until next week

Stay fresh,