⚡️New: Lead Magnets

JR Farr  |  October 7, 2021

Power up your marketing and grow your email lists with our latest feature.

Introducing Lead Magnets.

Some of you may be wondering what a lead magnet is.

A lead magnet is something you offer to a prospect in exchange for their email address. If you provide a great lead magnet, you’ll begin to see your email subscribers stacking up quickly.

An example you’ve likely seen before is a downloadable PDF guide. Or perhaps an offer to enter your email for 20% off.

Lead magnets are not limited to downloadable guides and discounts. You can offer many different things to your prospects for which they’ll be happy to exchange their information. Lead magnets offers come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out our latest guide on how to create a lead magnet.

Creating a lead magnet with Lemon Squeezy

One of the core features of the Lemon Squeezy Pro plan is Lead Magnets. Once you’ve set up your Lemon Squeezy account, your first step will be to create your product. Once you open the product panel, you’ll see the option to choose “Lead Magnet”.

Follow the steps to add your variants (if any), redirect customers after they download, and more.

Still have questions?

We recently updated our support docs to troubleshoot any issues you may have when adding lead magnets. For more information about lead magnets, check out our docs.

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