Lemon Drop 🍋 #07 — Email marketing, new pricing plans, UI updates, and more.

JR Farr  |  May 9, 2022
New email pricing

Lemon Squeezy just got better, and it’s all free.  

You spoke; we listened. We’re excited to announce two major releases in our biggest Lemon Drop to date.

First up, we recently launched one of our most requested features:

Email Marketing

Combining e-commerce and email marketing gives you the context you need to finally send emails like you know your customers — because you do.

  • Start a newsletter
  • Build your email list
  • Email your customers
  • Filter and segment your audience
  • And more

The best part? It’s entirely free for your first 500 subscribers.

Lemon Squeezy is now free

After conducting several surveys and interviews with you—our beloved customers—we’re making significant changes to our pricing:

  • E-commerce: $0/mo + transaction fees
  • Email marketing: $0/mo (up to 500 subscribers)

In short, Lemon Squeezy is now free to use.

If you’re currently a paying customer, don’t worry, there’s no change for you unless you opt-in — you have been grandfathered. You can, of course, cancel your existing plan and switch to our new $0/mo at any time from your billing settings.

Quality of life improvements

This release was a solid 4 months of work for the team. Building an email marketing feature from the ground up was a massive undertaking. Not to mention coordinating the release with a fresh pricing change.

Along the way, we made it a point to clean up various sections of the app to improve the overall experience. The biggest changes include:

  • Overall UI clean up
  • New ‘Email’ section in app
  • Updated dedicated ‘Settings’ section
  • New centralized help docs and API docs.

What’s next?

Be sure to check out our roadmap.

Stay fresh,