Calling all Beta Testers. Please give us a squeeze.

JR Farr  |  May 3, 2021

Hey, hey hey! We’ve got good news — it’s Beta Testing time!

If you’ve ever built a product, you know this feeling. Revision after revision, countless hours of coding, re-thinking every screen, making assumptions, and counting on experience and best guesses to get you to the finish line.

Well, we’re nearly at that finish line, but it’s time to see if what we’ve built so far is even worth a damn.

The truth is, we’re itching to get this into people’s hands. To get it outside of our little bubble and to gain your valuable feedback. The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly.

Interested? Apply to Become a Beta Tester.

We’ve put together a quick form to get to know you a little better and make sure Lemon Squeezy would be a good fit.

Fill out the form below, and let’s see if we’re a match.

Become a Beta Tester

In this first round of Beta Testing, most testing will be around the core experience of selling digital downloads, including:

  • Adding digital products
  • One-time purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • License Keys
  • Payment Methods (Credit Card & PayPal)
  • Integrations (MailChimp & ConverKit)
  • And More

Next Steps & Feedback

We aim to start Beta Testing in just a few short weeks. We’ll reach out to successful Beta applicants directly by email with any next steps.

Let the Beta testing begin!