Sell globally and we'll handle the sales taxes that Stripe can't

Merchants and entrepreneurs selling on Stripe don't always realize that they are liable for remitting all digital sales taxes and VAT across the globe. Lemon Squeezy provides an all-in-one payments platform that also handles taxes for you.

I'm switching the payment processor for Magic UI from Stripe to Lemon Squeezy.
2 main reasons:

1. I want to sell globally and handle sales tax.
2. I want an affiliate program.

Stripe doesn't do this by default, and is complicated to manage with third party integrations. Lemon Squeezy manages all of that.

Simon Gurcke

I've transitioned from Stripe to Lemon Squeezy for payments so I don't have to deal with international taxes.

Lemon Squeezy is still polishing some features, but the overall experience has been positive so far! #buildinpublic


Switch to the payment provider that takes away the tax burden for you

Selling digital goods with Stripe means that the responsibility for complying with complex tax laws falls onto you. Switching to Lemon Squeezy allows us to collect and remit digital sales taxes and VAT for you, so you don't have to.

Tax collection and compliance adds to the administrative workload for anyone selling digital goods online. Stripe Tax only goes part of the way, by providing the documents you need. But Lemon Squeezy goes the full distance, taking on the tax responsibility for you.

As a Merchant of Record Lemon Squeezy eliminates the tax headache so you can get back to doing what you do best.

At Lemon Squeezy, our mission has always been to help SaaS companies and digital creators sell their products effortlessly around the world.

Merchants from across the globe switch from Stripe to Lemon Squeezy so they don't have to deal with international taxes. Join them today and take advantage of our 0% fees for 30 days offer.

Stripe fee breakdown

There’s more than meets the eye with Stripe fees ...

Stripe fees might not be as low as you think. Basic, expected features require additional setup and extra costs, resulting in effective rates of 9% — and you're still left with the headache of global sales tax compliance problems.

At Lemon Squeezy our best features come built-in, and we take on the responsibility for sales taxes — all with no setup required and we still come out cheaper.


Begin your free migration + enjoy 0% fees for 30 days

Migrate from Stripe with our help today, and enjoy 0% transaction fees for the first month. We’re on hand to make sure the migration goes smoothly.


Switched from Stripe to Lemon Squeezy 🍋 for the MoR and stayed for the new store verification speed, no surprise fees, beautiful design and UX & amazing support 💜


Unlike Stripe, Lemon Squeezy is a merchant of record which means that they take care of taxes for you. We’re based in the EU and VAT can be a nightmare to manage so I’m happy to let @lmsqueezy do it for us 😅

Antoine Milkoff

Selling digital products with Stripe can be a real headache, but Lemon Squeezy has completely changed the game. With its streamlined checkout flow and focus on user experience, I've found the best platform. I couldn't be happier with my decision to switch to Lemon Squeezy.

Surjith S M

For me, @lmsqueezy looks and behaves like what I’d expect stripe would do if they had whole ”tax crap” figured out.

Tobias Talltorp

Happy to say that I worked with the @lmsqueezy team to fully migrate all of my old customers over from Stripe, took a week or so but am really happy with the outcome and looking forward to the future with them! 🍋

Josh Millgate

After looking into Stripe, Paddle, Gumroad I’ve landed on Lemon Squeezy for the quickest, best converting, cheapest, simplest payments solution for indie makers. Adding to the stack!

Jake Trefethen

Damn Lemon Squeezy checkout is good. They either use Stripe or made it look exactly like Stripe but it has the whole content section on the  left that must convert really well. Right now Stripe barely lets you add anything but some product name on the left side of their Checkout.


I've transitioned @apitally_io from Stripe to @lmsqueezy for payments so I don't have to deal with international taxes. Lemon Squeezy is still polishing some features, but the overall experience has been positive so far! #buildinpublic

Simon Gurcke

Man, I switched to @lmsqueezy from Stripe a year ago and never looked back. What they do there and how fast they release new features is truly amazing 🔥

Made it so easy for me to set up the affiliate program for @supastarter and skyrocketed our sales!

Jonathan Wilke

Lemon Squeezy is what I've built my SaaS on. Handles payments, tax compliance, etc. Stripe doesn't handle global tax compliance and remittance like LemonSqueezy

Karan Beghi

Lemon Squeezy well.. they’re infinitely better than Stripe. Stripe’s days are numbered. Dev Ex, UX and customer ex enormously better.


Also would replace stripe and rewardful with @lmsqueezy. Handles taxes for you and can remove another service for affiliates.


I highly recommend @lmsqueezy , from ease of integration, their MoR, and support, everything is perfect!

Code With Antonio

I've now implemented both Stripe and Lemon Squeezy api and webhooks at least once in my Nextjs project and I have to say I like @lmsqueezy a lot better. Overall the DX was better imo simpler to implement and the built in affiliate feature was a huge selling point for me to switch to Lemon Squeezy.

Dorian Develops

@lmsqueezy is my default choice when creating a new product right now. MoR and very easy to use ✨

Luca Restagno
LemonSqueezy VS Stripe

Looking for an all-in-one alternative to Stripe? Pay less and get the full payments infrastructure and tax solution you need with no setup required


Full tax compliance for digital products handled for you

Lemon Squeezy handles tax compliance across the globe, so you don’t have to. Stripe Tax gives you basic collection tools, we go the whole way and take the tax responsibility on ourselves. Confidently sell your digital products and subscription software to the world.


Built-in email marketing tools at friendly prices

Easily send newsletters and promotional emails to your customers and tap into our affiliate network to help grow your business. Benefit from transactional emails that get sent out automatically, or send custom newsletters and promotional emails to your own customers or affiliates to help increase sales.


Lower fees, with everything you need built-in

Lemon Squeezy only charges a 5% + 50¢ fee per transaction, compared to effective fees of 9%+ at Stripe. Switch to our complete payments infrastructure with invoicing, subscriptions, email, affiliate tools and tax remittance included out of the box.


Run your own Affiliate program right out of the box

Use our inbuilt affiliate functionality and advertise your program in the Lemon Squeezy Affiliate Hub. Easily find partners to help market your products and increase sales. Stripe doesn't offer this feature. Switch to a platform that understands seller needs.


Subscription management made easy-peasy

Avoid having to figure out Stripe’s complicated subscription API for creating or managing your subscriptions. Lemon Squeezy removes the complexity and of handling your ongoing subscriptions.


Automatic license key management for your apps

Automatically issue license keys for your software and apps after each sale. Deactivate or re-issue licenses as needed and retain full control over license management from your dashboard, or via our API.


Globally compliant invoices that come as standard

Enable customers to help themselves through a self-service customer portal. Allow users to make updates to billing and payment information or make changes to subscriptions on-the-fly, all from one portal.


More choice of payment methods, including PayPal

We support all the same major payment methods, plus the ones that Stripe can’t. Customers can choose to pay with their preferred method — including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App and all major cards.


Customizable checkouts and pre-made themes

We offer a sleek and intuitive interface for managing your digital products. Plus you can customize every part of your checkout flow to match your own branding. Use our pre-made themes or make your own.


We’ll migrate your store over from Stripe for free

If you're already using Stripe  and want to switch to Lemon Squeezy, we'll help you make the transition for free. We have a proprietary migration that makes this easy-peasy. Our team is on hand to ensure you move over smoothly in as little time as possible.


Billing and subscription portal for your customers

Enable customers to help themselves through a self-service customer portal. Allow users to make updates to billing and payment information or make changes to subscriptions on-the-fly, all from one portal.


API sweetness — easy to read documentation

Our API is well-documented and easy-peasy to read and implement (seriously), allowing you to integrate Lemon Squeezy into your own platform or workflow.


Doesn't Stripe Tax do taxes for me? — No, not quite. The responsibility of paying sales taxes globally still falls on you. Let Lemon Squeezy take the burden instead

5% + 50¢

Lemon Squeezy only charges a 5% + 50¢ fee per transaction, plus our core features come built-in with no additional setup required — Easy-peasy.

Takes sales tax responsibility
Global tax remittance
Built-in affiliate programs
Built-in email marketing
License key management
Globally compliant invoices
PayPal payments and payouts
Customizable checkout themes

~9% +

While Stripe base fees start low, once you factor in additional fees for basic features, the total fee often rises above 9% per transaction.


The big reasons to choose Lemon Squeezy over Stripe

A global Merchant of Record partner means a universe of administrative, tax, and compliance burden — eliminated for you. We handle all sales tax, payments, and compliance globally.

Avoid the pain of building out separate documentation and overhead for thousands of global jurisdictions. Never worry about global tax again, we’ll handle each and every tax remittance for you automatically.

Plus, switch from Stripe to Lemon Squeezy today and we'll welcome you with 0% fees for the first 30 days, and simple pricing of 5% + 50c afterwards.

Get started with zero fees ->

You can also be one of the first companies to take advantage of our inbuilt affiliate features, and find partners in the Lemon Squeezy Affiliate Hub.

Our migration experts are ready to help you every step of the way. Just fill out the Migration form -> once you are ready, we’ll be looking out for you in our inbox.

Learn how our Stripe migration works →

Merchant of Record explained

How our Merchant of Record model actually works

Sell your product through one trusted entity who will take on your global sales tax burden. Keep your revenue flowing while Lemon Squeezy handles global sales tax remittances. If a tax authority has any issues, we're on the hook, not you. Learn more ->

Customer makes purchase
Your customer starts a purchase on a checkout page, checkout overlay, or via the API.

Transaction between customer and us
When your customer makes their payment, a single transaction occurs between the customer and the MoR.

We facilitate the transfer of ownership
We pass digital product ownership license from the merchant to the customer.

We handle the post-sale compliance
Any post-sale disputes or compliance issues are handled entirely by Lemon Squeezy.

Case studies + customer success

Learn how top brands, SaaS companies and indie creators across are successfully using Lemon Squeezy to transform their online sales and digital tax.


Whatever stage of your journey, we’re here to help

No matter the stage of your company, we stand behind our promise to provide exceptional customer support, from initial setups to massive migrations and everything in between.

Invest in your business with peace of mind that we're here for you whether you need technical help or business advice.


Creator Guide

Looking for some advice on how to sell and market your digital products? Download the creator’s guide to dive deep into getting your idea off the ground.


Merchant of Record Guide

Free guide for all entrepreneurs and organizations explaining why partnering with a Merchant of Record is more important than you might realize.


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Book a demo today and get your own personal guided tour of Lemon Squeezy

Still have questions about Lemon Squeezy? Book a call with our sales team today and we’ll show exactly how we can revolutionize the way your business handles global payments and sales tax forever.


Need help?

If you’re looking to get in touch with support, talk to the founders, or just say hello, we’re all ears.

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