Bright Themes achieved a 73% increase in revenue with Lemon Squeezy

Bright Themes, renowned for delivering exceptional themes for bloggers, writers, and content creators on the Ghost platform, made the decision to switch from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy in January. The transition resulted in not only a 73% increase in revenue but also a 78% increase in average order revenue.

Increase in revenue
Avg. Order revenue

The challange

Bright Themes had disjointed user experiences, abandoned cart revenue loss, and found limitations with their previous payment processing system.

The solution

A blend of seamless website integration, cart recovery wizardry, and responsive support addressed the issues that Bright Themes faced.

The results

The fruitful partnership with Lemon Squeezy bore a huge revenue surge credited to seamless integration, and a better UI & UX at checkout.

I love the design, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Lemon Squeezy has been a game-changer for Bright Themes and it exceeded our expectations.

Norbert Hunyadi

Founder of Bright Themes

Key statistics

Customer engagement and satisfaction improved

Reducing friction in the payment process resulted in a more positive interaction with the brand.

Revenue up 73% and average order revenue up 78%

The switch to Lemon Squeezy quickly led to a substantial boost in revenue and the average order revenue.

Additional revenue recovered from abandoned carts

Converting abandoned carts into successful transactions, boosted revenue and customer retention.

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Bright Themes is a provider of top-tier themes for bloggers, writers, and content creators on the Ghost platform. They pride themselves in creating practical, simple-to-use yet powerful themes with membership and newsletter support.

Bright Themes faced significant challenges in its customer journey, particularly at the checkout stage. This case study delves into the pains they encountered, highlighting issues such as disjointed user experiences, abandoned cart revenue loss, and the limitations of their previous payment processing system. We then explore how switching from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy led to a substantial 73% surge in overall revenue amongst other improvements.

Bright Themes offer a wide choice of premium Ghost themes and is trusted by 2000+ individuals and businesses.

The challenge

Before implementing Lemon Squeezy as its payments platform Bright Themes (formerly known as Biron Themes) was experiencing pain points at the checkout stage of the customer journey. Norbert tells us that the primary problem was the inability to seamlessly integrate our previous payment processor into our website which led to a less than ideal experience during the checkout process among other challenges:

  • Disjointed user experience during checkout process
  • Inability to capture revenue from abandoned carts
  • Inefficiency & limited functionality of other payment platforms

Disjointed checkout process

Bright Themes faced an all too familiar disjointed user experience during their checkout process, this was mostly due to the inability to seamlessly integrate their previous payment processor into their website. As a result Bright Themes had to deal with a non-cohesive payment flow that didn't align with their brand and the way they wanted to conduct their business.

Lost revenue due to abandoned carts

Norbert, Founder of Bright Themes, says he struggled to capture revenue from abandoned carts previously because their previous payment processing solution lacked the ability to recover and convert potential sales that customers had initiated but ultimately abandoned.

Inefficiency of other payment platforms

Bright Themes' previous payment processing solution resulted in time-consuming workarounds which diverted focus away from core tasks. This hindered their ability to develop high-quality themes and took away from their time spent providing customer support, creating inefficiencies and restricting their business growth.

The solution

After deciding a change was needed, Bright Themes made the move from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy in order address the issues at hand and to find a payment provider that gave them seamless website integration, cart recovery wizardry, fraud prevention and responsive support.

Seamless payment integration into their website

Lemon Squeezy allowed for a fully seamless payment flow direct inside of the Bright Themes website. This meant customers could now experience a harmonious and visually consistent checkout experience all in one place. This integration eliminated the disjointed user experience, allowing for a smooth and intuitive payment flow.

Abandoned cart issue fixed with automated recovery

Lemon Squeezy addressed the abandoned cart issue for Bright Themes by providing a robust abandoned cart recovery feature. This feature, which is easy to enable and free to use, allowed Bright Themes to capture sales from customers who had added items to their carts but abandoned the checkout process. By automatically reaching out to these customers and encouraging them to complete their purchases, Lemon Squeezy helped recover lost revenue and improved customer retention massively.

Efficient customer support

Bright Themes had a positive experience with Lemon Squeezy's customer support, finding it to be super responsive and efficient. Whenever they encountered issues or required assistance, Lemon Squeezy support team were on hand to help out. This responsive support ensured minimal disruption and a positive experience for both Bright Themes and their customers, contributing to the overall success of the transition away from Gumroad.

The Results


  • Sales increased massively after switching from Gumroad
  • Average order revenue hit new heights
  • UI and UX contributed to better customer trust and conversions
  • Abandoned cart recovery led growth and increased revenue

Sales + revenue increases across the board

Embracing Lemon Squeezy proved transformative for Bright Themes, culminating in a notable surge in their revenue landscape. The switch from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy resulted in a remarkable 73% increase in revenue, a testament to the benefits of implementing Lemon Squeezy seamlessly into your own platform using Checkout Overlays or our powerful API.

Additional revenue from abandoned carts

The use of Lemon Squeezy's abandoned cart recovery feature breathed new life into Bright Themes' revenue stream by turning lost revenue and abandoned carts into successful transactions at a later date. As a result, the company witnessed a 78% surge in average order value, signifying not just increased sales but also an elevated customer engagement and conversion rate. Be sure to explore this recovery feature for your own store via our docs.

The impact beyond transactions

The benefits of Lemon Squeezy extended beyond transactions, manifesting through better design alignment during checkout, user-friendly experiences, and access to responsive customer support. As Bright Themes nurtures its long-term strategy, it recognizes Lemon Squeezy as a cornerstone of their growth, confident that this collaboration will continue to fuel their success, enhancing customer experiences and amplifying their core business pursuits.

“I switched from Gumroad to Lemon Squeezy in January and since then my revenue increased by 73%. The transition was smooth, and the support is great, I love the design and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Lemon Squeezy products used

As you’ve heard throughout this study, Bright Themes put many core features of Lemon Squeezy’s payment platform to use. At the core they sell themes direct on their own website, utilizing Checkout Overlays to provide a full checkout experience to their customers with just a few lines of code. The cart recovery features proved to be a huge driver of growth and you can find out more about Dunning and Recovery via our docs.

Checkout Overlays can be used to seamlessly embed a checkout flow into your own website or platform.


Bright Themes' success story with Lemon Squeezy showcases how a strategic decision in choosing the right payment processing partner can lead to remarkable growth. From increased revenue to average order revenue, Bright Themes has utilized Lemon Squeezy to its full potential, enhancing customer experience and focusing on core business activities. We'd like to thank Norbert Hunyadi for sharing his insight and statistics with us to build this case study.

Increase in revenue
Avg. order revenue increase

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