Typing Mind experiences 1300% increase in MRR with Lemon Squeezy

TypingMind app brings its customers a seamless ChatGPT experience — with a fresh new UI. The web-based tool allows customers to interact with built-in AI characters, use community prompts, search chats, use web search plugins, and search images to supplement typical ChatGPT interactions — without ever leaving the chat for another tool.

Increase in MMR
Dev hours saved

The challange

Efficiently managing and scaling various operational tasks such as sales tax management which was overwhelming for their small team.

The solution

Lemon Squeezy provided a comprehensive solution by assuming the role of merchant of record for sales tax compliance and more.

The results

The implementation of Lemon Squeezy led to a remarkable 1300% increase in MRR, substantial time savings, and over $200k in revenue.

Experiencing Lemon Squeezy's efficiency and impact on our operations is awesome! It's not only simplified our business operations but also elevated customer satisfaction by making the process of managing licenses and payments seamless. This convenience has led to a boost in customer confidence, resulting in a noticeable increase in our sales and revenue.

Tony Dinh

Founder of TypingMind

Key statistics

1300% increase in MRR since using Lemon Squeezy

TypingMind’s were able to increase their MRR substantially after switching over to Lemon Squeezy.

Return customer rate increased by 70%

The convenience and efficiency of Lemon Squeezy’s checkout flow led to improved customer loyalty.

Managed $200k in revenue within just 4 months

TypingMind saw incredible growth and sales numbers immediately after their switch to Lemon Squeezy

Marketing, Education
License Management
Company size
4 dedicated employees


TypingMind was launched in March 2023 and it allows the use of ChatGPT with enhanced features like fast response, chat search, integrations, prompt library, etc. Users can make use of their own API Key, run the app locally on their browser, self-hosted or via the macOS App.

Tony Dinh, the founder and CEO of Typing Mind was facing the typical problems that any SaaS would face as it scales up its payments infrastructure. Certain aspects of getting bigger can bring big headaches!

We spoke with Tony to learn more about his decision to switch to Lemon Squeezy — and how it supported his journey to $200k in revenue in 4 months.

TypingMind takes ChatGPT to the next level with a range of features that build on the usefulness of ChatGPT.

The challenge

Tony gave us some insight into common problems the team faced, telling us that “Reflecting on the challenges I faced before using Lemon Squeezy, it's evident that my small team and I often grappled with handling and managing numerous tasks simultaneously.” Here’s a run-down of some of the key issues the TypingMind team faced when first setting out:

  • Complexity of sales tax management
  • Problems with data fragmentation
  • Struggles with license key management
  • Integrating an affiliate program

Lets explore some of those challenges in more detail so we can better understand some of the real-world challenges that TypingMind faced when attempting to get up and running.

Sales tax management

Managing sales tax was a constant headache. It was a complicated and intimidating task. Any misstep could lead to severe penalties and a significant blow to our business's reputation.

Data fragmentation

Our data was fragmented and dispersed. We craved a comprehensive dashboard that compiled all our users' essential data in one place. This way, we could effortlessly read, analyze, identify issues, and rectify them as quickly as possible.

License key management

The management of user license keys was another hurdle. We found ourselves needing to construct our own License Manager system. Users could then log in and control their usage. This task was time-consuming as we had to consistently fix, maintain, and update the system to keep it functional and up-to-date.

Managing an affiliate program

Moreover, we wanted to create an affiliate program, but generating tracking codes, calculating commissions, and managing payouts demanded a significant amount of time and resources - something that was difficult for our four-person team to juggle. We could have considered using a third-party system to oversee this, but the prospective costs and uncertainties about our affiliate program's effectiveness made this a difficult choice to make.

We considered using Paddle as an alternative, but ultimately went with Lemon Squeezy as our choice for payments.

The Solution

Switching to Lemon Squeezy allowed Tony and his team to address all the previous challenges using features that all come built-in to our platform. Having the ability to handle all of their tax concerns while having all of the features they needed, without having to turn to 3rd party integrations meant they were on the road to success — and what a huge success it has been...

Merchant of Record

Lemon Squeezy is a lifesaver — in short, they manage all the heavy lifting! They assume the role of merchant of record for sales tax compliance globally, diminishing the risk of errors and potential penalties that could arise from erroneous tax filings. This gave us absolute peace of mind!

Dashboard and analytics

We leveraged the Lemon Squeezy dashboard, which presented essential and unified statistics in a beginner-friendly format.

License key management

Setting up the License Manager for our app on Lemon Squeezy was a breeze. The license management system was automated and intuitive. Our users could easily log in using their purchase email, manage their license usage, and activate or deactivate devices. With Lemon Squeezy handling maintenance and updates, we could zero in on what mattered most.

Affiliate management

We capitalized on Lemon Squeezy's built-in affiliate feature, eliminating the need to set up a separate system for affiliate management. This simplified all the processes needed for an affiliate system. It also provided us with a customizable landing page, making it easy for us to promote it to our audience.

The Results


The Lemon Squeezy dashboard has been instrumental in helping us identify an 80% decrease in MRR. By recognizing subscription downturns promptly, we're able to introduce timely enhancements to our app, thereby averting potential future sales losses.

Switching to Lemon Squeezy enabled TypingMind to address their earlier issues and increase their recurring revenue at the same time. Here’s a few of the key highlights that came as a result of running their operation through Lemon Squeezy:

  • Simplified payment management
  • Digital sales tax handled by Lemon Squeezy
  • Simplified license key management
  • Built-in affiliates programs
  • Saved countless hours in development time

Tony continues: Our team can efficiently manage both License Management and Affiliate Program on Lemon Squeezy. This has resulted in saving us approximately 100+ working hours, along with cost and resources, in contrast to using other platforms.

Furthermore, the platform has eliminated the complexities associated with payment management. This has allowed our team to have more time to develop a superior product. This increased efficiency and focus has aided us in generating over $200k in revenue within a short span of just four months.

“Your easy-to-use interface is definitely a bet! Plus, some of your built-in features make Lemon Squeezy a one-stop solution that has almost everything my team needs to grow.”

Experiencing Lemon Squeezy's efficiency and impact on our operations is awesome! It's not only simplified our business operations but also elevated customer satisfaction by making the process of managing licenses and payments seamless. This convenience has led to a boost in customer confidence, resulting in a noticeable increase in our sales and revenue.

TypingMind have quickly become one of the top sellers on the Lemon Squeezy platform thanks to the team’s attention to detail when it comes to monitoring the numbers in their dashboard and taking the right actions as a result.

Lemon Squeezy products used

Due to the way TypingMind works, they make use of our License Key system to create and distribute unique keys to their customers which they later redeem via the TypingMind app. The payments themselves take place through a simple button using our Hosted Checkouts, allowing a full, seamless checkout experience right out of the box.

TypingMind uses hosted checkout links to sell licenses for their software. This is an ideal way to send anyone to your checkout flow from a simple link or button, and you can make your very own for free.


Confronted the familiar challenges of scaling payments infrastructure. But his decision to embrace Lemon Squeezy proved transformative, catapulting the company to $200k in revenue within four months. With an astonishing 1300% surge in MRR, and the added advantage of saving hundreds of development hours, TypingMind's leap is nothing short of remarkable.

This case study was made in collaboration with Tony Dinh of TypingMind who was kind enough to share some of their real-life data and insights with us, and we wish them continued success.

Revenue in 4 months
Dev hours saved
Increase in MRR
Customer return rate

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