How Ant Design System for Figma boosted sales by 49% when using Lemon Squeezy

Ant Design System for Figma is a powerful UI kit that allows designers and developers to create and implement Ant Design projects quickly. Designed by Matt Wierzbicki, It is based on the popular React UI library, Ant Design.

Increase in sales
Saved in fees

The challange

Ant Design System for Figma were paying more than they wanted in order to receive their payouts, and needed a more streamlined checkout flow.

The solution

Providing a well designed checkout flow that converts, and an all-in-one payments platform allowed the team to focus on their product and sales.

The results

Since switching to Lemon Squeezy Ant Design System for Figma saw an incredible 49% increase in sales whilst also saving in fees and payout costs.

Lemon Squeezy has truly improved our business. Since implementing it, our sales have grown by an incredible 49%, and the direct bank payouts have saved us significant time and money by eliminating the 3% PayPal fee. The streamlined checkout process also greatly improved the user experience, contributing to the remarkable growth of our business.

Matt Wierzbicki

Founder of Ant Design System for Figma

Key statistics

49% Increase in sales after switching to Lemon Squeezy

When Matt and his team switched to they noticed a 49% increase in sales thanks to better UX at checkout.

Saved 3% in revenue thanks to simplified payouts

Saving money on fees for every payment and payout compared to PayPal meant better margins.

Zero chargebacks achieved thanks to fraud prevention

After previously dealing with several chargebacks per month, this was cut to zero after switching.

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Design & Development
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Company size
3 dedicated employees


Ant Design System for Figma — The developer-friendly UI kit is powered with the best Figma features, such as variables, auto layout, variants, and component properties.

Ant Design System for Figma is a fitting use case for Lemon Squeezy's payments platform. Its nature as a digital product aligns with what Lemon Squeezy typically sells and is designed to handle, making it a suitable match for their services.

Pixel-perfect and handcrafted elements to design and implement your next Ant Design app efficiently.

The challenge

The challenges faced by Matt and his team when using Paddle and Gumroad led them to seek out a more complete solution in Lemon Squeezy. Lets take a closer look at some of the key issues and challenges they faced before moving to us ...

  • Margins squeezed by PayPal
  • Fees from two different systems
  • Problems with low conversions at checkout

Seeing margins squeezed — paying 3% for PayPal payouts

Before using Lemon Squeezy, Ant for Figma used a tool that only permitted payouts to PayPal. This required them to pay an additional 3% in PayPal fees when transferring funds to their bank account. In combining PayPal’s inherent fees with the platform fees of their previous solution, Ant for Figma habitually paid transaction and payment fees that were nearly three times higher than their current fee structure with Lemon Squeezy. Payments fees are down over 60%.

Separate sales bookings (credit card transactions vs. PayPal transactions)

Ant for Figma’s previous platform had separated sales made via PayPal and those made via credit card payments, resulting in Matt having to deal with and book more transactions each month from two separated, siloed systems.

Confusing and unintuitive checkout experience

Matt faced another problem with their previous payments solution. Its checkout experience was poor and unintuitive, which led to lower conversion rates. Additionally, some users reported difficulty purchasing our product even after trying multiple cards. Lemon Squeezy offers hundreds of payments globally and accepts payments with ease at checkout, even in countries with low or no coverage on other solutions.

The Solution

Simply by switching to Lemon Squeezy, ‘Ant Design System for Figma’ saw a significant improvement in their conversion rate and sales numbers, along with a reduction in fees and chargebacks.

Matt puts these positive results down to 3 main things; The cleaner UI & checkout available on Lemon Squeezy, the low fees which make a huge difference to the bottom line, and our intuitive dashboard which helps the team to get a true overview of their business in one place. Lets explore some of the key points that made life easier for Matt and his team:

Direct payouts

We’re happy to report that Lemon Squeezy has solved all the aforementioned problems for Ant for Figma. Now, Ant for Figma receives payouts directly into our bank account without any additional or onerous fees.

Streamlined payout schedule

They have also streamlined their payout schedule into two transactions per month, which is a marked improvement over the disjointed payouts process from their former solution, and something which saves them a lot of time and energy. Additionally, thanks to Lemon Squeezy’s streamlined and well-designed checkout process, Ant for Figma’s checkout conversion rate has effectively doubled.

The Results


  • Sales increased when switching from competitors
  • Less fees for payouts and higher margins
  • No chargebacks since switching
  • Cleaner UI and UX at checkout

Sales up 49% year-over-year

After switching to Lemon Squeezy, Ant for Figma experienced a transformative shift in their operations. Firstly, they saw a significant 49% increase in sales compared to the previous year when they were using a competing solution. This boost in sales can largely be attributed to Lemon Squeezy's streamlined and well-designed checkout process, which enhanced the user experience and, in turn, increased conversion rates.

Margins improved by 3% — just by switching

The most notable improvement was the efficiencies achieved by moving to Lemon Squeezy’s streamlined payouts schedule. By receiving payments directly into our bank account, Ant for Figma eliminated their 3% PayPal fee, resulting in a corresponding 3% increase in profit margins. Not only did this save them money, but it also saved them valuable time in simplifying their accounting processes.

Zero chargebacks

Additionally, the switch to Lemon Squeezy had a positive impact on chargebacks. Ant for Figma observed zero chargebacks after implementing Lemon Squeezy, whereas previously, they used to face several significant chargebacks per quarter. This demonstrated that the new system was improving payment security and overall customer satisfaction, leading to fewer disputed transactions.

With Lemon Squeezy, our business has undergone a remarkable transformation. The streamlined checkout process and well-designed system have not only doubled our sales but also saved us valuable time and money. We no longer worry about excessive fees, and the zero chargebacks prove the enhanced security and customer satisfaction. Lemon Squeezy has become an invaluable asset, empowering our team to focus on growth and delivering a superior experience to our customers.

Comparing Lemon Squeezy with other solutions

Ant Design System for Figma conducted a comprehensive evaluation of various solutions before settling on Lemon Squeezy. They considered options like Gumroad and Paddle but found them lacking in comparison. What ultimately sold them on Lemon Squeezy were specific standout features that aligned with their needs.

The clean UI of Lemon Squeezy offered a more user-friendly experience, the low fees made it an economically sensible choice, and the intuitive dashboard ensured that managing transactions would be efficient and straightforward. These elements collectively made Lemon Squeezy the preferred choice for Ant Design System for Figma.

Ant Design System for Figma is built with Figma Tokens, enabling synchronization with code. It supports hover-and-click interactions for easy prototyping and allows users to switch between light and dark themes. Additionally, it prioritizes developer-friendly components.

Lemon Squeezy products used

Ant Design System for Figma sell premium licenses and packages via our Hosted Checkouts. Each pricing option available via their pricing page takes the customer to a custom checkout to match their selection. The team also makes use of our built-in Affiliates system to offer a generous commission rate in their own affiliate program. These features all come as standard when you sell anything on Lemon Squeezy.

Ant Design System for Figma uses hosted checkout links to sell various licenses for their design system, meaning they simply copy and paste a link onto their own website and visitors will be taken to our streamline checkout.


Ant Design System for Figma sees Lemon Squeezy as more than a tool; it's a path forward for their payments infrastructure. They plan to use it to make more sales and save time, simple goals that compound in the long run for any digital entrepreneur or SaaS leader.

Lemon Squeezy fits into this plan, promising a future where checkout, payments and payouts all work better and more efficiently together. Lemon Squeezy is the practical choice for any digital company looking to grow in 2024 and beyond. We'd like to thank Matt Wierzbicki for sharing some behind the scenes information with us in order to build this case study.

Increase in sales
Saved in fees

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