An ever-expanding, open-source React UI library built with the Wedges Design System, Radix primitives, and Tailwind CSS.

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What is Wedges?

Wedges is a professionally designed design system for Figma and an ever-expanding, open-source React UI library that combines Radix UI primitives and Tailwind CSS. Its goal is to simplify the process of building beautiful, functional and accessible user interfaces.

With Wedges, you get a range of pre-built, customizable components that are easy to use and integrate into your React projects. It also comes with full TypeScript support, ensuring type safety and developer-friendly experience.


Wedges is licensed under the MIT License.


Interested in contributing to Wedges? Awesome! Start by reviewing our [contribution guidelines]( We value your efforts in helping us improve Wedges.


Wedges is an open source project by Lemon Squeezy — the all-in-one platform for software companies.

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