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There are no monthly charges for ecommerce features, and we only take a small cut of each sale that gets smaller as your lifetime earnings grow.

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Monthly or annual charges for email marketing features are based on the total number of subscribers you have and are free for up to 500 subscribers.

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“Lemon Squeezy has surpassed my expectations, and I’ve made the decision to move all my chips in on this platform for the long haul. The product is beautifully designed and a joy to use.”

Michael Riddering

“Lemon Squeezy made it incredibly simple for me to start earning money online selling courses. It's a game changer!”

Mike McAlister

“I made my first $99/yr sale within the first hour of setup! Finally, an all-in-one solution for makers with multiple products, with the ability to sell with both subscription and one-off pricing. Incredible.”

Rob Hope

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