Anti-Spam Policy

Short and sweet — we take spam seriously.

Let’s not let a few ruin a good thing for everyone. After all, we’re in this together. It’s important to remember that it only takes one individual to make a massive impact on the entire system.

In short, if you violate our policy, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account. This isn’t limited to only this policy. We may also suspend or terminate accounts according to our terms and conditions. If we spot inappropriate behavior, content, or other factors that pose a threat to our platform your account will be impacted.

By creating a Lemon Squeezy account and agreeing to our terms, you are also agreeing to our Anti-spam Policy.

What is spam?

Spam is any type of unsolicited digital communication. Typically most spam is sent via email, but it can also be distributed via text messages, phone calls, or social media.

It’s important to note the word unsolicited. By sending email or any type of digital communication to someone you have not received constent from, it is considered spam.

Simply emailing someone that hasn’t done business with you is an unsolicited email. Sending one unsolicited message to someone is obviously not spam. But when you send an unsolicited email to an entire list of people you don’t know, that’s spam.

Types of emails you are allowed to send via Lemon Squeezy

Again, it’s important to remember before sending emails via Lemon Squeezy, you need to have their permission. You can received constent a number of ways:

  • An email newsletter form on your web site.
  • An opt-in form. Make sure you don’t have the checkbox pre-checked and make sure your consent language is clear and visible.
  • If someone completes an offline form like a survey or enters a competition, you can only contact them if it was explained to them that they would be contacted by email AND they ticked a box indicating they would like to be contacted.
  • Customers who have purchased from you within the last 2 years.

Types of emails you are not allowed to send via Lemon Squeezy

You can’t import or send to any email address which:

  • You do not have explicit, provable permission to contact in relation to the topic of the email you’re sending.
  • You bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party, no matter what they claim about quality or permission. You need to obtain permission yourself.
  • You haven’t contacted them via email in the last 2 years. Permission doesn’t age well and these people have either changed email address or won’t remember giving their permission in the first place.
  • You scraped or copy and pasted from the web. Just because people publish their email address doesn’t mean they want to hear from you.

What content MUST I include in my newsletter?

Every newsletter you send using Lemon Squeezy must include a single-click, clear and visible unsubscribe link that instantly removes the subscriber from your list. Once they unsubscribe, you must stop sending newsletters to them, unless they resubscribe again.

Account suspension

We reserve the right to suspend your account immediately and start investigating your activity if your campaigns have high percentage of spam complaints (more than 0.2%), bounces (more than 5%), unsubscribes (more than 1%) or very small open rate (less than 3%). If it turns out that you were sending emails without permission – we will terminate your account. We can ask you to prove that you have permission from your recipients and we can close your account if you do not have such proof. Otherwise, we will activate your account and you will be able to use the service again.