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Meet your host
β€” JR Farr

JR Farr is also the Co-Founder of Make Lemonade which includes products like Lemon Squeezy, Dunked, Iconic, and more. It’s a collective of makers and like-minded creators building a portfolio of world-class digital products.

Previously, JR was the Co-Founder of Weav.com, automated customer retention software for saas companies. For a decade he was the CEO & Co-Founder of MOJO Marketplace (acquired by $EIGI). A WordPress marketplace with over 6M+ users and millions paid out to creators.

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Episode 20

Lemonhead: Celebrating 1 year after 10 years in the making

Episode 19

Lemonhead: Are you building or capturing an audience?

Episode 18

Raising funds from TinySeed & taking on the form builder space with Peter Suhm @ Reform.

Episode 17

Mark Ashton from UiPress β€” A WordPress plugin to customize your WordPress dashboard

Episode 16

Mike McAlister β€” From selling his WordPress business to WP Engine to launching the Liftoff Creator Course

Episode 15

Podcasting 101 with Matt Medeiros from Castos

Episode 14

How Kacper from Scrapelabs went full-time into web scraping as a service.

Episode 13

Making $386,000 with a Figma course. Michael Riddering shares how he founded Figma Academy.

Episode 12

Meet Laura Eddy β€” An Australian product designer & founder, Typeheist.co

Laura Eddy is the founder of Typeheist.co, among other things. She is what I like to call a "unicorn". She's a talented designer and developer. In terms of design, her skillset ranges from product design, illustration, and font design. In today's episode, we talk about where she gets her inspiration for her unique designs and how she balances that alongside her full-time role. Hosted by @jrfarr β€” brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com.

Episode 11

How to make your first 5 hires. (Saturday Squeeze)

There's an old African proverb that goes something like this: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This is sometimes easier said than done. Hiring is hard and today I'm going to break down how to make your first 5 hires. Hopefully, this helps you avoid some of the costly mistakes I made.

Episode 10

WP Mayor is building a WordPress empire from a small island in the mediterranean.

In today's episode, I sit down with my good friend Mark Zahar, the CEO of WP Mayor. We talk about the WordPress ecosystem, running one of the oldest WordPress resource sites (WP Mayor), and how he juggles his time running multiple WordPress-based products and services (SpotlighWP and WP RSS Aggregator).

Episode 9

How to create a high converting landing page (Saturday Squeeze)

In this week's Saturday Squeeze, I breakdown landing pages. It all starts with a world-class headline and the rest is gravy. Hosted by @jrfarr β€” brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com

Episode 8

Lemonhead: Meet Gilbert Pellegom, CTO & Co-Founder of Lemon Squeezy

Introducing the new Lemonhead series where the co-founders of Lemon Squeezy sit down to talk about what's on our minds. In today's show, I wanted to go inside the mind of Gilbert Pellegrom, the CTO of Lemon Squeezy.

Episode 7

Bootstrap or raise money? (Saturday Squeeze)

For this week's issue, we're talking about self-funding vs. raising money. It's a tricky question for a number of reasons. On one hand, when you're bootstrapped, you're forced to work within constraints. This is especially helpful in keeping you focused and prioritizing cash flow. After all, we should be aiming to build a sustainable and profitable business. Hosted by @jrfarr β€” brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com. With that said, more money doesn't always fix things but it can certainly help. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Episode 6

How Martin LeBlanc grew IconFinder.com to $150,000 MRR

In this episode of the Make Lemonade podcast, we sit down with Martin LeBlanc, the Founder of IconFinder.com. Since 2006, Martin has been grown the IconFinder marketplace $150,000 MRR. From designing to coding, Martin does it all including leading a team of 8 as CEO of IconFinder.com. Hosted by @jrfarr β€” brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com.

Episode 5

How to solve saas churn (Saturday Squeeze)

Churn is the silent killer in saas. Nearly 1/3 of saas companies have churn rates that are too high. But how do they fix it? The problem is, there are several ways to calculate churn. Because of that, companies don't realize their churn issues are a symptom of something bigger. Churn needs to be understood β€” let's talk about it.

Episode 4

Taking Marvel.so from $0 to $50,000 in revenue in 2 1/2 months β€” Dustin McCaffree

Dustin McCaffree from Marvel.so joins the show today. Building a bootstrapped business is hard enough. Doing it as a side-hustle is even harder. Learn how Dustin stopped launching product after product with little success to finding his niche with his blog writing service.

Episode 3

There's riches in niches. (Saturday Squeeze)

In this week's Saturday Squeeze, I want to talk about niches. You can find plenty of arguments on both sides but I'd argue you're better off starting small. When you narrow down your focus you gain more than just a targeted audience. Everything from your marketing copy, product features to how you target potential customers becomes much clearer. Hosted by @jrfarr β€”Β brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com

Episode 2

Welcome to the Make Lemonade Podcast

Welcome to the Make Lemonade podcast - the show for creators by creators. Inspiring entrepreneurs to earn money from their own lemonade stand. Learn from other founders, indie hackers, creators, and more about their journeys of success and failure in business.

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