Easily add variants to your products while you’re creating a new product. This feature is used for products that come in different options for price, version, format, license type, size, shape, etc. Each combination of option values for a product can be a variant for that product.

Variant example

For example, suppose that you sell a widget with 4 types of pricing plans.

  • Lite ($0/mo)
  • Pro ($29/mo + 14 day free trial)
  • Agency ($99/mo + 14 day free trial)
  • Lifetime ($499 one time fee)

Within this product, you have complete control over each of your variants. The initial product is free (with selected downloaded files or access), while the other 3 options have customized variations.

Managing variants

You can see a list of variants for a product on its product details page. You can manage your customers in your Lemon Squeezy account and also edit orders with variants.