🚢 Shipped: Lemon Squeezy Expands Bank Payouts to 45 Countries (79 Total)

JR Farr  |  June 25, 2021

We’re excited to announce additional bank payout support on the Lemon Squeezy platform. Over the first few weeks of our private beta, we received an overwhelming amount of requests to support more countries. The majority of the feedback was a lot of sellers wanted additional payout options outside of PayPal.

WIth that said, this new feature is in addition to the 200+ countries supported via PayPal payouts as well.

In total, Lemon Squeezy now supports 279+ countries to get paid (79 Bank Accounts & 200+ PayPal).

How Much are the Payout Fees?

In short, Lemon Squeezy absorbs all of the fees. As part of our ongoing effort to be the leading Ecommerce Platform for Digital Goods, we’re making sure sellers are getting paid what they deserve.

There are no hidden fees or percentages to worry about besides the currency conversions at the time the payout occurs. Again, Lemon Squeezy is covering those costs on your behalf.

How Do I Update My Stores Payout Method?

As we announced this new feature last week, we rolled this out to all users of the platform in non-US countries. As a Lemon Squeezy user, you automatically have access to this feature under Payouts in the bottom-left section of the app.

Watch the video below to see how to properly setup your stores payout settings.

Still have Questions?

We recently updated our support docs to reflect the change as well as list each of the supported countries. For more information about Getting Paid on Lemon Squeezy check out our docs.

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