🚀 New: Currency Support now Spans Across 95 Countries.

JR Farr  |  July 2, 2021
Lemon Squeezy Expands Currency Support

Due to popular demand, Lemon Squeezy has expanded currency support to 95 countries. As we prepare to open the platform fully to the public, the team has been working tirelessly to deliver on the most requested features. Currency support was another one at the top of the list.

A few points to highlight:

  • Lemon Squeezy absorbs all of the fees with this release. You’re welcome. 🙌
  • This is not localization support. This is strictly for currency support.
  • You can find a list of the 95 supported countries here.

Lastly, thank you again to all of our current beta sellers for the consistent feedback on what features you need to be successful with your stores. 🙏

How Do I Change My Store’s Currency?

The currency can be changed via your store settings and your chosen currency will be used throughout the Lemon Squeezy dashboard, checkout, emails and invoices, we send to your customers.

Keep in mind, Lemon Squeezy processes all transactions in US dollars (USD). That means although we display your products in one of the many currencies we offer, ultimately we charge your customers the equivalent cost in USD. We do this using real-time, mid-market exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing. We do not charge any additional fees for this conversion.

Note: Your chosen currency does not affect bank payouts, which will be converted from USD to your bank account currency before being paid out.

Still have Questions?

We recently updated our support docs to reflect the change as well as list each of the supported countries. For more information about currency support check out our docs.

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