The Lemon Squeezy affiliate program β€” 30% recurring commission on every sale you generate.

Join the Lemon Squeezy affiliate program and earn a whopping *30% recurring commission* on every sale you generate using your unique referral link.

All you have to do is recommend Lemon Squeezy on your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network β€” easy-peasy.

Why join the Lemon Squeezy affiliate program?

  • It’s free to join β€” Signing up takes minutes and is completely free. You’ll receive your unique referral link right away. Join Now πŸ‘’
  • Recurring commissions β€” You get paid a commission for every month your referral stays a Lemon Squeezy customer.
  • Reliable Tracking β€” Rewardful (a trusted Stripe partner) powers the program and ensures you get credit for every referral.
  • Unlimited earning potential β€” There’s no cap on the number of referrals or amount of commission you can earn.

Recurring commissions

Recurring commissions are your new best friend. For every month your referral remains a Lemon Squeezy customer, you get paid. Should your referral choose the Sweet Plan at $29/mo, you’ll earn $8.70 every month they stay.

  • Refer 10 customers @ $29/mo = you earn $87 every month.
  • Refer 25 customers @ $29/mo = you earn $217.50 every month.
  • Refer 100 customers @ $29/mo = you earn $870 every month.
  • You get the point.

Affiliates are partners, and we want you to succeed. You’ll have the support you need to ensure you are earning the maximum amount per month.

Why Promote Lemon Squeezy?

Lemon Squeezy is our fresh take on digital commerce.

Lemon Squeezy helps creators sell digital products β€” everything from digital downloads, subscriptions, and software licenses β€” without the hassle. The ability to manage products, customers, taxes, EU VAT, discounts, email lists, and more is all perfectly packaged into every Lemon Squeezy store.

Lemon Squeezy also acts as the Merchant of Record, ridding creators of the burden and legal responsibility of collecting and reporting Tax and EU VAT. Makers can now concentrate on what they do best β€” making.

The icing on the cake? Lemon Squeezy supports 95 different currencies and offers payouts for over 280+ countries.

We’re genuinely on a mission to be the only platform creators will ever need to run a digital product business successfully.

Affiliate Program Details

Some of the fine print around the Lemon Squeezy affiliate program.

  • Payouts are made on the 15th of every month.
  • Payout amounts are NET45. As an example, commissions generated in the month of January would be paid out on March 15th (e.g. NET45).
  • Payouts are made via PayPal or Wise.
  • Sorry, you cannot refer yourself. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of the program. πŸ™
  • Referals within the first 30 days that result in chargebacks or refunds will not be paid out.

Ready to make money with Lemon Squeezy?

  1. Join our affiliate program πŸ‘’
  2. Generate your affiliate links
  3. Start referring creators to sign up for Lemon Squeezy
  4. Get paid!